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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Denmark

If you’re intending to visit any European Economic Area country, or Switzerland, you should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This fantastic little card should be second only to your passport when packing. As an EHIC holder you will be entitled to make use of the public health facilities in all participating countries, either free of charge or at a reduced rate. You will be covered for emergency treatment, as well as for pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes. Europe is a hugely diverse and eclectic place, therefore you should bear in mind that the health systems vary hugely from country to country. You should always check what facilities there are in the countries you intend to travel to, especially if you have ongoing medical issues.

Recent studies have shown that much of the population of England and many other parts of the UK carry Danish DNA, yet Denmark is not a hugely popular holiday destination for Brits. Denmark is a beautiful and extremely forward thinking country, and also has an excellent health care system. The Danish health care system is mostly tax funded, and there is an estimated one doctor for every 294 citizens; this is significantly better than the UK. In Denmark, EHIC holders will receive free emergency care, and free consultations with public health registered doctors or dentists. Thereafter, any fees paid to doctors will be reimbursed, while dental costs will be partially returned. The emergency number in Denmark is 112.

There are many hospitals in Denmark, with very few of these being private. EHIC holders are entitled to use any of these state-funded institutions. Primary care is provided by GP surgeries, much the same as the UK. There is an excellent transport infrastructure throughout the entire country, and it is estimated that 86% of citizens speak English well, meaning that you should have no trouble finding medical help nor communicating with them, except in the most hospitable regions. However, it is highly recommended that you do carry a phrasebook with you at all times, containing useful medical phrases, particularly if you have an underlying condition.

The standard of healthcare is Denmark is extremely high. In fact, Denmark is world renowned for its use of technology in providing state-of-the-art care. Don’t go on holiday to Denmark without a valid EHIC card. Without this incredibly useful and easy to obtain piece of plastic tucked in your wallet or purse, you may find yourself lumbered with expensive health care bills.

So, now your mind is set at rest, why go to Denmark? Well, Denmark is an incredibly historic and proud nation; the people are also very inviting and helpful. In fact, Denmark was recently voted the third happiest country in the world, behind Switzerland and Iceland. You can immerse yourself in the wonderful architecture or the arts, or you can get stuck into some of the fantastic local cuisine. Sport is very big in Denmark, so why not treat yourself to a day out at the football?

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