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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Italy

Italy has always been a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers around Europe, regardless of what they’re looking for. Put simply, Italy has it all – from the culture and nightlife of Milan to the history of Rome and Venice, beautiful beaches, fantastic weather and food, and even skiing in the Alps. For all these, Italy is the most failsafe destination in all of Europe. Yet you may be fooled into thinking that as a safe country with a good standard of living, you won’t need to bother too much about a European Health Insurance Card.

As safe as Italy is, it rarely pays to take chances with your health. Beaches everywhere can be dangerous as they have a huge range of hazards and risks involved, from allergic reactions to jellyfish stings or picking up illnesses. If you’re having a city break, then there are still dangers there, too – street crime is on the rise in major cities like Rome. And if you’re thinking of going skiing, then the benefits of a European Health Insurance Card should be obvious – you won’t want to be stranded with a fractured ankle and forced to pay an exorbitant cost just to get it checked out!

There are plenty of other risks too – hillwalking in Tuscany, sailing on Lake Como, even taking a gondola ride in Venice – the risk of accidents may be slim, but it’s pointless to take the risk rather than sorting out your European Health Insurance Card before you go. So what are the benefits on offer?

An EHIC will give you state care in Italy as if you were an Italian citizen. This could cover all manner of treatments, from help after simple accidents to suddenly being taken seriously ill. Even maternity help can be given, but a word of warning – there is the strict condition that you must not be travelling to the country in order to give birth. But if you or your partner give birth prematurely, the help is afforded there, too.

The card doesn’t cover private medical help, so if you do need to use the doctor, you should check right away that they’re state-affiliated, otherwise your card won’t help you. When you had a state doctor, your costs will be entirely covered by the EHIC and you won’t have to pay a penny more.

The EHIC does not, however, cover you for repatriation if you’re taken seriously ill – it’s essential to combine the European Health Insurance Card with travel insurance to make sure you’re completely covered in those respects.

Taking good care of your health is something you wouldn’t neglect at home, so there’s no need to do it abroad. The cost of a European Health Insurance Card is minimal, and tiny compared to the fees liable should you be taken ill without one. Apply today and make sure you’re covered, and can get the peace of mind to fully enjoy your trip.

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