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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein’s beauty is obvious everywhere you go, from its castles and forests to its quaint, small villages. It might also seem the last place in the world you’d be worrying about your health, so is there really a need to get a European Health Insurance Card before you go?

The answer is – yes, of course. While Liechtenstein might be one of the safest holiday destinations imaginable, it never pays to take a gamble on your health. Medical care can be expensive in the tiny country as it happens to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world – which means high salaries, and high fees for medical professionals. Your European Health Insurance Card will cost a fraction of any potential medical bills without one, and will be a wise investment should you fall into any state of illness or injury.

The mountainous terrain of Liechtenstein means you’re probably going to be doing a fair bit of walking around hills, and the potential for accidents is obvious. If you’re planning on going skiing during your trip, then things are even more risky, and you should consider a European Health Insurance Card your absolute first priority for travelling. A broken arm or sprained ankle are minor injuries, but they can be a huge disaster if you’re not medically covered to receive treatment and have to pay the full price.

It’s not just if you do need a medical professional, either – the additional security will set your mind at rest and make sure you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest extent, without worrying or holding back for fear that you might be stranded or have to pay through the nose for a doctor.

Your European Health Insurance Card will cover you for a variety of treatments, but only those that are medically necessary and available from the state medical provider – be sure that the doctor isn’t private, or the card won’t cover you. There are certain treatments available on the NHS that aren’t in Liechtenstein, so beyond the obvious you should ask beforehand. If you have an accident or an illness, you’ll be able to get it treated right away at a hugely reduced fee, or if you’re on a short trip, often completely free – a huge relief should you be unlucky on your trip.

You can even get maternity help and care for both mother and child should you or your partner give birth on the trip, although there are specific rules to prevent people travelling to the country with the specific intention of giving birth there. If things are premature, however, you don’t need to worry – you’ll be covered, although you will need an S2 form to confirm this.

If you’re worrying about your health, it’s impossible to enjoy your trip with total peace of mind, so don’t take any risks. Make sure you sign up and get your European Health Insurance Card well in advance so that you can enjoy your visit to Liechtenstein.

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