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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Lithuania

There is much to see and do in this secret haven, however if you’re making a trip you should ensure you have your health cover in order. The best way to ensure you and your family are adequately provided for in terms of medical assistance is to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Your EHIC card will enable you to attain state healthcare in Lithuania on the same basis as Lithuanian nationals.

The Lithuanian state health provider is known as the Territorial Health Insurance Fund and so long as the health care you receive is provided by the state, you will receive it at the same reduced rate as Lithuanian nationals.

What is covered by my EHIC?

When you have your EHIC with you in Lithuania, you’ll be able to visit any doctor associated with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. In order to use this service you’ll need to bring your EHIC with you to prove that you’re entitled to the care.

If you require hospital treatment in Lithuania, you’ll receive all emergency medical treatment free of charge, as nationals in the country do, when you present your EHIC.

If you require non-emergency hospital treatment, you will need to be referred by a general practitioner or specialist. You will also be able to access this treatment in Lithuania free of charge or at a discounted cost on presentation of your EHIC.

You can also use your EHIC to receive dental treatment. You can visit the dentist in Lithuania free of charge, but you should ensure they are associated with Territorial Health Insurance Fund. Many dentists are not and attending such a practice could result in a hefty bill. However, when attending a state dentist, the material substances used for any treatment will not be covered – so you should ask how much you will be charged for this.

Furthermore, you can also get any prescription medication you require. The cost of this will be covered partially if the medication you need has been prescribed by a doctor. You may need to pay for some of your prescription, however this will be assessed on the same basis as for nationals of Lithuania.

Generally, you’ll only be able to receive treatment deemed to be necessary by the doctor who sees you – if the treatment can wait until you return to the UK usually this will not be covered by your EHIC.

Benefits of Having an EHIC

Getting an EHIC is quick and easy and can benefit you greatly when you travel in Europe or the European Economic Area. Having an EHIC makes it much simpler to receive access to many medical services. You should apply for your EHIC card before you travel to Lithuania, regardless of whether you’re travelling for personal or business reasons or whether you plan to reside there.

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