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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) In Romania

If you’re planning your next trekking, hiking or spa holiday in the beautiful and mysterious country of Romania, then take the risk out of travel and apply for a European Health Insurance Card. The EHIC is completely free of charge and could save you a great deal of money if you fall ill while on holiday.

The EHIC, previously known as the E111, gives you access to state-provided healthcare in Romania at a reduced cost or for free. It isn’t a replacement for travel insurance and should ideally be used in conjunction with travel insurance, particularly if you’re mountain climbing or partaking in extreme sports, but covers necessary healthcare while you are in the country.

The card is recognised all over the EU, as well as in Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein, by healthcare officials and workers, and is a great precaution to protect your personal health and wellbeing. If you’re involved in an accident or have a recurring health condition that needs urgent medical treatment, then you’re able to utilise Romania’s health facilities as if you were at home. This not only gives you peace of mind when travelling, but also keeps your bank balance healthy. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on your holiday and not on your healthcare?

With an EHIC you’ll be treated on the spot so that you don’t have to cut your holiday short, and if you do have to pay for any treatment at a public hospital you’ll be reimbursed almost as soon as you return home.

Romania has a public healthcare system, like the UK, and all EHIC holders have access to the system. This benefit became available to travellers in Romania when the country joined the EU in 2007, and has helped to open up tourism to the country. Of course, you cannot travel to Romania to receive specific healthcare nor are you entitled to private healthcare in Romania. It also doesn’t cover the cost of being brought back to the UK or for mountain rescue, so you should ensure you have travel insurance alongside the free EHIC before booking your trip. If you’re asked to pay for your healthcare up front, the chances are that you are being treated privately and won’t be covered by your EHIC, so try to check this before undergoing treatment. Doctors and medical administrators will usually ask to see your physical card before giving you treatment.

You can download the multi-lingual EHIC app and access everything you need to know about the heath card on your smartphone. The app contains emergency numbers for every country in Europe and everything you’ll need to make a claim. However, you should always carry your physical EHIC around with you while travelling. The credit-card sized card is easy to keep in your purse or wallet and will prove invaluable if you’re in an emergency situation. You should also carry photo ID with you, as an EHIC does not include a photo and you may need to prove your identity at the hospital or in a doctor’s office.

The Romanian word for hospital is “spital” and their paramedic services are known as SMURD (Serviciul Mobil de Urgenta< Reanimare si Descarcerare).

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