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Applying for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a leading tourist destination that sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. From the beautiful Dutch countryside to lively capital Amsterdam, there’s lots of reasons to visit. Dutch residents are also fond of travelling, with European nations among the most popular holiday destination for citizens of the Netherlands. With all this travel, it’s important that tourists and expats consider taking out valid insurance, and make sure they carry a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at all times. Applying for an EHIC is a quick and simple process that can be completed online, and this card will be your ticket to receiving affordable, timely treatment while abroad.

What is the European Health Insurance scheme?

All natives of European Union and European Economic Area countries are subject to an agreement whereby healthcare is provided to visiting nationals of member states. Swiss residents are also eligible to claim treatment under this agreement. The European Health Insurance Card does not replace travel insurance; it tells healthcare providers that you are eligible for treatment and that you are exempt from charges above and beyond what you would expect to pay if you were a Dutch national.

The benefits of this scheme include free or subsidised emergency care, routine treatment for ongoing conditions, maternity care for unexpected situations and the provision of medication as necessary. Qualifying patients can attend any state-run medical facility in the country they are visiting and get looked after by experienced doctors – without worrying about the bill!

How do you apply for an EHIC in the Netherlands?

If you’re currently living in the Netherlands but are not originally from the country, your application requirements will depend on your status. Those who have been granted Dutch citizenship can apply as a resident, while those visiting will need to apply in their home country. One received, the card is valid for two years – after which it will auto-renew. If your details change, you’ll need to order a new card; just get in touch with the office who issued it to receive an updated one.

Planning a holiday in the Netherlands?

Never travel overseas without full insurance cover. If you’re visiting any EU country, such as the Netherlands, this means carrying your European Health Insurance Card and presenting it on any occasion where you need medical attention. Your EHIC covers you for emergency treatment in case of injury or sudden illness, and it also applies for qualifying treatments of ongoing conditions. For example, if you’re on holiday and need regular dialysis, you can attend a clinic in the Netherlands and you’ll be covered by the terms of your EHI policy. This means you’ll never be hit by unexpected medical costs or left without treatment. What’s more, all medications you normally receive at home can be accessed through medical facilities in the Netherlands, so if you lose important pills you’ll be able to see doctor and replace that prescription. No European traveller should ever be without their EHIC – it’s the best way to ensure that medical care is always simple and easy to access.

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