Plan a sea kayaking trip from Dubrovnik for next summer

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Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik off the coast of Croatia is a truly magical experience. The Mediterranean is as flat as seas come and the water is warm and pleasant, taking away all of the hardships of sea kayaking! Here we explore what you need to have the most fantastic trip possible when kayaking in Dubrovnik….

A winter escape to Vienna

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Vienna comes alive in the winter. Indulge in chocolate cake in a grand coffee house or warm up over mulled wine at a Christmas market; try your hand at ice-staking at magical outdoor ice rinks or be swept off your feet at palace balls: Vienna is full of things to do! To help you plan…

Have fun in France this winter

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Whether you want to explore the cobbled streets of Paris, take a wine tour in Bordeaux or examine the country’s heritage in Nice, there’s lots on offer in France. Although many people enjoy travelling to France for sunny beach holidays, it’s also a great place for a winter getaway. While you may not be lounging…

Explore Iceland this winter

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Iceland is a wonderful European destination to visit all year round, but in winter it sparkles and comes to life. We’ve put together the top things to do in Iceland on a winter wonderland getaway. 1. Visit natural ice caves Each winter ice caves form in Europe’s largest glacier, the Vatnajökull glacier, and every summer…

See the sights in Sweden

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With many people keen to book a winter break, Sweden can be the ideal destination. With numerous travel options, you can reach Sweden from the UK via a relatively short flight, meaning that it’s suitable for weekends away as well as longer breaks. Whilst holidaymakers may want to opt for a relaxing break in the…

Living it up in Latvia

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With miles of coastlines, undeveloped forests and sandy beaches, it’s not surprising that tourism is one of Latvia’s biggest economies. Easily accessible from the UK, Latvia is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination. While short flight times means that you can reach Latvia from the UK easily, Riga International Airport actually handles incoming flights from…

Ideas for epic activity holidays in Europe

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Lounging by the pool soaking up the rays is not everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday. Increasingly, people are looking for ways to combine fresh air, fitness and fun on their annual break. There is also a roaring trade in European short breaks that include activities and outdoor adventure. Families, in particular, may want to…

The strange world of dark tourism

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Chernobyl, a remote Northern outpost of Ukraine, is best known for providing a horrific example of what can go wrong with nuclear energy. However, remarkably perhaps, it is now a major tourist attraction bringing revenue to the region. There is a steady trade for bus tours taking tourists on a day trip from Kiev through…

3 Mediterranean islands you must visit before you die

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The great thing about visiting Europe is the diverse array of climates and spectacular destinations on offer. With such choice, it is often tough deciding where to go; but if sun, sea, gorgeous beaches and never-ending relaxation is what you have in mind, then a visit to a Mediterranean island is the place for you….

5 top facts about Crete

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Crete is a wonderful place. Known for its creamy feta cheese and quality olive oil, the food is hard to beat, the people are friendly and the water is the bluest for miles around. It’s no wonder it’s popular with tourists the world over. If you have booked your ticket, you will probably already know…

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