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Can I still use my old E111 form?

If you are planning to visit Europe for the first time in a while, you will need to be aware of some changes that have been made. Aside from needing an individual passport for all travellers, including children, there have also been changes to European medical cover. If you still have an old E111 form or E111 card that you wanted to use in case of a medical issue, it was replaced by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) back in 2006. The EHIC also replaced the E110 form for truckers and the E128 form for students or workers in other countries.

Your E111 form or E111 card is no longer valid, and will need to replaced by an EHIC. The new card still provides reduced cost or free medical care within what is known as the European Economic Area. This includes most EU member states, Switzerland and a few other areas or dependencies of EU states. You can apply for these for free via the NHS, or use our paid service. We will check your details are correct and provide additional benefits including help if English is not your first language and 24 hour support.

The EHIC provides limited medical cover to the individual named or a family, covering your children under the age of 16. Older children will require their own cards. The EHIC card will need to be valid for the duration of your trip, so if you have one approaching the five-year expiry date, you will need to get that updated. Renew with us and we will send a reminder when it is due to be updated.

Note that the EHIC does not replace, or compensate for lack of, comprehensive travel insurance with medical cover. While it can help with issues such as a broken limb suffered in an accident or fall, kidney dialysis if you require it, and most treatment you would expect the NHS to provide, you cannot use it, as was the case with the E111 form or E111 card, to go abroad to deliberately seek medical treatment.

If you have realised too late before you travel that you need to replace your E111 form or E111 card with an EHIC, then applying for one will cover you from the date of application. You can travel without the card, but if you require medical aid will need to contact an overseas healthcare agent, who can send a Provisional Replacement Certificate directly to where you are receiving care, to prove that you are entitled to it.

As with the E111 form or E111 card, if you are charged for any medical services, you should try to claim them back before you leave the country you are visiting. The process is different depending on the country, so check in advance what you are supposed to do. You should certainly keep all receipts and invoices.

Mistakes can delay the issuing of your European Health Insurance Card, so using our service provides peace of mind, and will help replace that old, invalid E111 form or E111 card quickly and efficiently.

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