European travel money saving tips

money saving tips

Brexit negotiation fears have caused many Brits to reconsider their travel plans to Europe through fears that the drop in the value of the pound will make visiting our neighbouring countries harder and pricier than ever before. But we believe that discovering Europe needn’t be expensive. There are lots of ways in which you can travel to some of the most stunning and historic parts of Europe without breaking the bank. Here are our pick of the best…

EHIC card

Make sure that you renew or apply for your European Health Insurance Card as soon as possible. While it is still unclear as to whether the EHIC card will be accepted in the future (once Britain has officially left the European Union), it is currently being accepted and will most probably keep being accepted for the next few years. Your EHIC will work alongside your travel insurance policy in making sure you are not left paying a hefty hospital bill should you require medical care whilst travelling.

Avoid travelling in the summer (ideally)

While the weather is lovely, it has to be said that anyone who is conscious of their budget should really try to avoid visiting Europe in the summer months as this is when holiday prices are highest and destinations more crowded (which can prove to be very stressful if you are a lover of personal space). Travelling off season can see you have up to 40% on what you would have paid when travelling in the summer to Europe!

Invest in an all-inclusive city pass

If you are looking to make the most of your trip whilst also saving money it will be worthwhile finding out if your destination of choice offers an all-inclusive city/ museum pass. From Berlin to Oslo and Amsterdam, most cities across Europe offer tourists passes that grant them entry into all of the main attractions and offer discounts on travels, restaurants and more.

Go slow

So many people tend to rush through a European city break but did you know that one of the cheapest ways to see Europe is by taking things slow? By this we mean taking public transport, cycling or walking around. These methods of transport are not only cheaper but allow you to make the most of the time you have.

Don’t buy currency at the airport

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make it leaving their travel money exchanging to the very last minute which is when you really suffer in terms of getting hit with the worst exchange rate. Plan your money exchange in good time before you travel and keep and shop around for the very best possible exchange rate.

Cook in your room

One of the easiest ways to blow all of your money is by going to the restaurant for every meal of the day. Consider shopping like a local and cooking the majority of your meals at home to save your dollar on a nice meal once a day.




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