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I have lost my pin. Can I still renew my EHIC card?

Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) pin number is usually required if you are renewing your EHIC card. It is shown on your existing card next to your date of birth, and begins with ‘UK’.

The EHIC card can be valid for up to five years, meaning that it can be easy to misplace, particularly if you have not travelled regularly during that time. However if you have lost or misplaced your EHIC pin, it is still possible to renew your card.

In the event that none of your personal details have changed, you can still renew your card easily using the form on our website.

The details you will need to complete your EHIC card application include your full name, date of birth and your NHS or national insurance number. You will also need your full address, including country, post code and a valid phone number. During the application process, it is possible to apply for a spouse or partner, and for children or dependants. To obtain an EHIC card for a child aged under 16, a parent or guardian must apply and name their child as a dependant.

However, in the event that you have recently changed your name, or moved house, you may need to contact us in order for us to advise you. To get in touch, use the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of this page – we’re available 24 hours a day. Then simply fill in your details and your message, to enable us to assist you with your query. By using EHIC Applications UK, you can be sure that your EHIC application will be filled in correctly, saving you time in the event that you have lost your existing EHIC pin.

Its easy to apply for your European Health Insurance Card

Our EHIC renewal application process couldn’t be easier. In just four quick and simple steps, you can fill in your personal details, along with those of your spouse, partner or child. We will then check your details before sending them. This ensures that the application process will go through smoothly, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your EHIC application is in safe hands.

You can apply to renew your EHIC card from up to six months before your current card expires. Formerly known as the E111 card, the EHIC card ensures that you have health cover when travelling abroad.

It will enable you to get access state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area countries either for free, or at a highly reduced cost, and will cover your medical treatment until you are able to return to the UK. It applies to pre-existing medical conditions and routine pregnancy care. However, please remember that it is not a valid alternative to a travel insurance policy, and will not cover private medical care, rescues or the cost of flying back to the UK. It will also not offer you any protection in the event that your property is lost or stolen. It is now common for some insurers to insist that you hold an EHIC card, so if yours has been lost or misplaced, get in touch with EHIC Applications UK today.

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