The best cities in Europe to work in…


With travel opportunities being so readily available and the amount of companies that rely on foreign trades growing, there is no better time like the present when it comes to working in Europe. Working in a foreign country adds skills to your CV that many employers find highly appealing; new skills, learning a new language and working outside of your comfort zone. An increasing number of businesses are beginning to offer their employees a chance to work overseas, so if you are looking to accept that offer, here are a few hints as to which cities and countries are best for certain industries.


Lisbon is a popular destination for workers looking to explore a career in the arts, design and culture. The climate and proximity of Lisbon to the UK makes it an easy choice for so many employees.


Stockholm is the home of tech giants such as Spotify and has an increasingly impressive reputation for being innovative and entrepreneurial. The city itself is welcoming and there is a very impressive standard of living despite the fact that taxes are high.


Prague is one of those cities that are perfectly located between other major business cities such as Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw and Dresden. The Czech Republic also has the second lowest unemployment rate in the EU, highlighting the number of opportunities available here for those looking for work.


Berlin is becoming famed for its artsy, affordable and lively vibe and this is definitely something that extends to the workplace. It has a booming start up scene, perfect for those of us who are looking to get stuck in and work from the bottom up.

Health cover

All citizens of the European Union are required to carry a European Health Insurance Card to ensure that they are covered should they fall ill or suffer an injury whilst in a European destination. An EHIC card is vitally important as it allows the bearer to receive free or significantly discounted healthcare. Even if you find yourself temporarily living in a European country that isn’t the United Kingdom for work temporarily, you will still be required to carry your card with you. Once you apply for your card, it lasts for 5 years, giving you plenty of time to have health cover while you work abroad!

The Brexit dilemma

Despite the UK voting to leave the European Union, this should not deter you from making the move to work in a European country. For now (and the foreseeable future), we are still free to move anywhere within the Eurozone- so be sure to seize the opportunity while you can!

We hope that our guide to some of the most up and coming European destinations to work in go some way in highlighting just how much opportunity there is out there to chase your dreams and exceed in maximising your potential. For the corporate world, head to Stockholm, for start-ups head to Berlin and try Lisbon for the arts!

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