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EHIC – European Health Insurance Card Renewal

If you’re travelling in Europe, you need to make sure you have the right EU health cover. If you or your family fall ill or are involved in an accident, you could be landed with a big bill from European healthcare providers. The simplest way to cover you and your loved ones is to apply for a European Health Insurance Card. Formerly knows as the E111 Card, it entitles you to receive medical treatment in many European countries at a reduced cost or free of charge.

The EHIC Card is valid in 31 European countries other than the United Kingdom, and our service is designed to make applying as simple and hassle-free as possible. To apply for the European Health Insurance Card all you have to do is complete our very short form on this site and one of our experienced auditors will review your EHIC application to ensure that all the information that you gave us is correct. Once we have reviewed your information and confirmed that it is all correct, we will then submit an application on your behalf for an EHIC Card to give the best possible chances of your application being accepted in as quicker time as possible.

Not only do we offer a review and submission of your EU Health Card for you, but we can also set up a reminder for you to renew your E111 card when it is due to expire so that you are never left without it when you decide to travel throughout Europe on business or pleasure trips or holidays.

Here at UK EHIC we are dedicated to ensuring that the application process for your EU Health Card, also known as a European Health Card is as quick and simple as possible, so we ensure that it is easy for you to get an EHIC Renewal or help you if you have a lost EHIC Card.

Your EHIC Card is valid in these countries:

Online EHIC Application Included Included
Telephone Support Included Included
Multilingual Application Included Not Included
24-hour Support Included Not Included
Application Support & Verification Included Not Included
EHIC Renewal & Expiry Notification Included Not Included
Administration Fee £19.95 Free of charge
Our Service Benefits
  • We guarantee your EHIC application will be correct – saving you time
  • You can contact us 24 hours per day – so you can check progress
  • You’ll receive a reminder when your EHIC card expires
  • We’ll save you time and hassle – we handle the whole EHIC process

Apply For EHIC – European Health Insurance Card Renewals

The EHIC is a European Health Card that used to be knows as the E111 card. It is a vital first step in making sure you have health cover when travelling in Europe. However, it does not cover the full cost of healthcare in every EHIC participating country – you may need to subsidise all or part of your treatment depending on circumstances. We strongly recommend you check what EHIC rules apply in the country you are visiting and invest in relevant and adequate health insurance to supplement your important European Health Card cover.

It is very important to remember that the European Health Card (EHIC Card) is not a substitute for travel insurance, and it is recommended to have both travel insurance as well as an EU Health card, also known as a European Health Card to ensure that you and your family are covered correctly. If you are travelling with friends and family within the European Union it is very important to remember that each individual person needs to have applied for and has with them their own european health card, as you will not be able to use a family or friends EHIC Card, even if you have a lost EHIC. If you are traveling to a european country with your children, please remember to apply for their EHIC as well as your own as your child is not covered under their parents european health insurance card.

For more information on european health cards, visit our FAQ’s page where we try to answer all questions related to the EHIC CARD.